Presentation design is routinely overlooked in today’s marketing. In the right hands, however, these presentation tools can be a powerful way of communication.

The Challenge

Vibes Media’s sales team had been using an extremely cluttered PowerPoint deck for their most important portion of the sales pitch. The slides were splattered with low resolution images and confusing titles. And no transitions or animations were employed, which almost beat the purpose of having a presentation deck in the first place.

The Solution

We have created a beautiful illustration to better communicate the mobile customer journey with concepts familiar from the mobile/smart phone imagery. We made the page layout fit wide screen TVs and laptops. We simplified the touch points and replaced the low resolution images with custom icons. To finish off, subtle animations were added to convey the concept and engage the audience. We also made sure that the presentation was device independent so it could be compatible with desktops, mobile phones and different operating systems.

Watch the Presentation